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Plush Bears



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People are now referring to Brian and Brianna as the READY SET GO Superhero ANTI-BULLYING bears. Watch this video and see why....... 

Another Great Review ......Please watch


Watch Brian and Brianna Magically Turn Into Superheroes..Anything can happen when you believe in yourself.......Ready, Set, Go.......

Ingredients Needed to Make the Perfect Play Therapy Educational Product That Really Works!!

Start With Two Adorable Bears

Add Brian and Brianna The Ready Set Go Bears Illustrated Storybook to Tell the Story and Take Your Child on a Magical Adventure. 

 Watch how two very sad bears are magically transformed into superheroes after they meet an old woman who instructs them to close their eyes and repeat the MAGIC WORDS............Get ready to overcome my fears, set my goals high, and go out there and be the best I can be.

 Add the very special ready, set, go signature pendant that Brian and Brian left behind for your child to wear so he/she can be a superhero too!!!

 Here is your finished product... A child who no longer feels sad...A child who now feels like a superhero just like Brian and Brianna.


To keep your child feeling like the superhero he/she deserves to be, here are ways to continue working with Brian and Brianna using my easy to follow instructional guide developed over 9 years of trial and error. Proven to work.(included)

  • Display your love to the child by hugging the bear. Child will learn to imitate this behavior.
  • Have the bear represent a positive role model
  • Use the bear to help your child verbalize his feelings
  • Create a safe environment for Brian/Brianna
  • Have the child use the bear with a friend or sibling to share the story
  • Use the bear as a reward system
  • Have your child act out the story
  • Have your child role play to become a superhero
  • Encourage your child to talk about their feelings
  • Always show the bear when giving your child positive feedback

BONUS CARD: Very helpful in providing information on how to recognize the signs of both healthy and unhealthy self-esteem (included)


Ready Set Go Therapy Bear Gift Kit - Not Just A Bear

 Each Kit Will Include The Following Six Components:Ready Set Go Gift Kit

Each Ready Set Go Play Therapy Learning Kit will include:
  • Brian or Brianna Play Therapy Bear
  • Adventures of Brian or Brianna Booklet
  • Choice of Ready Set Go Pendant
  • Superhero Cape and Mask
  • Instructional Guide on How to Use the Product
  • Reference Card Defining Positive and Negative Self-Esteem

Retails for $79.99 but for a LIMITED TIME, you get the complete package for our low introductory price of only $29.99!

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