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About Us

Welcome to the world of Ready Set Go - educational products to empower self-esteem with children! Let's start by telling you a little about ourselves so you can learn what inspires us and why we are so passionate!

who is Ready Set Go

As a dedicated teacher for 10 years, and a mom of a child who suffered from Separation Anxiety Disorder, and A.D.H.D, Carol Cooper, Founder,  was inspired to create a line of products to help children feel good about themselves. Through positive role model characters, Brian and Brianna, meaning strength, teach children to look at things differently. The products were developed over a ten year trial and error period, and they are finally completed and ready to go home with a child to help empower self-esteem. The bears are proven to work and the results are amazing.  These bears are only the first to be introduced. Along the way, Brian and Brianna will meet new characters who will help them to deal with issues, such as separation anxiety disorders, death or divorce of a parent or loved one, fears of various situations, and so forth. Be sure to keep watching. After all, all children deserve to smile and that is what her bears are here to do for them.

Introducing Brian and Brianna


Brian and Brianna Ready Set Go BearsIntroductory Collection features a pair of adorable, cute, yellow teddy bears named Brian and Brianna. The names were chosen because of their origins which mean "strength". Each bear is accompanied by wonderfully, easy to read instructional booklets designed to educate not only children, but also to help adults learn how incredibly useful a tool these bears can be. These set of bears showcase each bear's struggle with confidence and self-esteem.

A portion of Ready Set Go sales will go to organizations that focus on helping children in need.such as the Children's Specialized Hospital.

when did we start

Our concept and design has been a long journey, taking nearly 10 years to complete. Each step of the way consulting with professionals in the therapy industry, manufacturers in the toy industry and testing our products appeal with hundreds of children and adults. The results are these wonderful proven Ready Set Go Bears (Brian and Brianna). We are excited to announce the launch of our NEW website carefully designed to be educational, informational and just plain fun to visit and even more fun to shop at. Please check back frequently for exciting new products that we will be adding to our website!