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Brian and Brianna the Ready Set Go Anti-Addiction Bears



My company slogan Ready Set Go stands for Get ready to overcome your fears, set your goals high, and go out there and be the best you can be.

My son tragically passed away on July 15, 2016, from a deadly combination of heroin-fentanyl. He never saw it coming.

Brian was a smart, handsome, ambitious child who suffered from severe anxiety and A.D.H.D. He believed that this was the answer to his problems, and what he needed to make the anxieties go away. That is exactly what happened the minute his heart stopped beating forever.

Brian and Brianna bears were created before my son passed away. The boy was named after him, and they were created as learning tools to help children who suffered from bullying and other disorders. The bears won many awards and were featured in many magazines. This, unfortunately was not how they were meant to be used. This is why.

After Brian died, a well know medium told me that your son is telling me to tell you not to give up on your foundation,. He is also saying that he heard you talking about how you were going to change it to honor his name. That night I heard a voice telling me to change my bears and use them to help people struggling with addictions. I was also told what they should look like. This is my finished product.

Please support me by purchasing a bear. They are 15" tall and wear a locket so you may proudly display your loved one's picture. They will be packaged in a mesh gift bag so they are suitable for gift giving. For every purchase, $10.00 will go into a fund to be used for rehabilitation for one child in need. This will be announced at a later date.

I encourage you to submit the name of the person that you feel deserves this second chance. This is only the beginning.  I will continue to help as many people as I can. I do need your help and cannot do this alone.

Ready Set Go Inspirational Jewelry is also available. Comes in a beautiful gift box.

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated..


PLEASE VISIT to order your product to support my cause