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Ready Set Go is always looking for creative and fun ways to educate our customers. Watch our bears in action and learn what they had to overcome and how they became strong, independent, confident bears for which they are today! We plan to introduce a new collection of bears on a regular basis, each focused on a particular obstacle. Through these adorable role models, children learn how to overcome their fears, set their goals high, and become empowered to succeed.

Collection 1 | Brian and Brianna

Learning To Believe In Yourself Watch Brian and Brianna Turn Into Superheroes.

Once upon a time there were two bears, Brian and Brianna, who didn't like school and didn't have many friends. Learn what a wonderful wise elderly lady said to Brian and Brianna and how those words inspired them to become superheros, full of confidence and self-esteem!


As a licensed counselor who has a master's degree in counseling psychology I was really impressed with this great therapy toy.  Children have been found to respond better in therapy when using toys for theraputic play.  Brian the bear is designed to help children who suffer from bullying to build confidence and self-esteem.  It is a cute little plush with a super hero mask and cape.  Comes with his own dog tag and bow tie.  Comes in an organza bag for gifting and storage.  Brian helps to teach the message to GET ready to overcome your fears, SET your goals high, and GO out there and be the best you can be!!